Growth strategy

Strategic objective of Blago Group is to become one of the leaders in the Russian agro-industrial sector.

For 2022 the Blago Group revenue amounted to ₽ 51.5 billion

Blago Group participates in the Russia Government’s programme of non-resource exports development (Decree of the Russia Government No. 512 “On granting a subsidy from the federal budget to Russian credit institutions, international financial organizations and national development corporation VEB.RF” dated 26 April 2019).

Blago Group’s facilities enter the list of systemic companies (2020).

Blago Group is one of the three largest sunflower processors in Russia. According to the results of 2021, the company has become one of the fastest growing companies in the Russian agro-industrial complex (Expert magazine).

We appreciate good relationship with our partners.

We are trusted by all major Russian retail chains, the leading distributors, the largest banks, as well as key consumers of exported products in China, Central Asia, Europe and CIS countries.

Federal retail chain
Regional retail chain
03Contribution to the development of Russian industry
We facilitate the development of the Russian agro-industrial sector

Blago Group is quickly ramping up its processing and non-resource export volumes facilitating the development of the agro-industrial sector.

Export volume
for 5 years
k tons
in 2018
k tons
in 2023
Processing volume
for 6 years
k tons
in 2017
k tons
in 2023
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